The show

Compere: Our performances can be tailor-made to suit the format of your evening with an interval or an event MC incorporated as required.

Stage:  Showgirl SA requires a fairly large floor space, or stage area , however we can accommodate the show to suit most venues.

Sound:  We would require the venue to provide a DJ.  We can recommend a DJ at an additional cost – please stipulate on the booking form if you’d like to make use of this option. Should you use your own DJ - we will provide the music, on flash drive, for the show.

Lighting:  Although no special lighting is required, we do require ‘black outs’ at certain times during the show. Coloured lighting, UV lighting and a smoke machine - although beneficial, are not a necessity but great to have to add to the ambiance of the show.

Photography:  The use of any photographic equipment and / or recording device is strictly prohibited for the duration of the performance with the exception of a professional photographer at the event.  Please advise us if you are going to have a professional photographer at your event so that we can organise with them to utilise the photos for promotional purposes.

Show cost:  This will be dependent on the venue’s location and specific requirements.

Suitability:  Showgirl SA performances appeal to a mixed audience and a broad range of ages.  There is however an age limit of 18yrs.

Please note – all (bar / meal) services should be closed for the duration of the show.